About Spybot: Search and Destroy

Everything You Wanted to Know About Spybot: Search and Destroy

Patrick Michael Kolla is a German computer trained scientist who founded Spybot. He was inspired to write the back-end code of Spybot when his computer was infected with a virus. That was in the year 1999, and there was no way to remove the malware thus he created a software that could help him.

He created a software that is the basis of the current Spybot company to act as a spyware and adware. Since the inception, the Spybot code scans the computer hard disk and RAM to wipe out any malware in the system.

In the beginning, the software was only compatible with Microsoft Windows.

At first, the piece of software was not available to public users. A computer magazine wrote about his discovery, and people found out. They started requesting the software, and that’s how it spread.

Fellow white hackers started working on it as an open source software. The primary communication platform for users is a forum where they discuss about Spybot and how it can be improved.

The Spybot software is available in more than 40 official languages. Programmers usually improve its specs and strengthen its code for higher performance.

Safer Networking, an Irish based company, was established by Michael Kolla to distribute the infrastructure on behalf of Spybot. Apart from adware Spybot also incorporates antivirus and the anti beacon for private users data protection.

Spybot software has two versions which are freemium or premium. The freemium version is available to users without paying, but its capabilities are limited — the premium version a customer has to pay to unlock excellent abilities for usage. There is a commercial version for corporate and technician users. The premium version is incorporated with an anti-virus which uses the Bitdefender engine.

It Does More Than Attack The Bad Guys.

Spybot does not only detect and wipe out spyware and adware. It has many uses that will surprise a user. It can repair the registry, ActiveX objects, browsers hijacks, PUPS, keyloggers, and HTTP cookies. Those are not the only malware that can remove but also LSP, trojans, revision, BHOs, and homepage hijackers.

Spybot usually erases the tracking cookies on our browsers. Through modifying the hosts file the Spybot software can immunize the computer system and block the installation of a spyware. A file eraser is included which is secure to delete any virus.

In the initial stages, Spybot S&D was not created to replace the anti-virus functions of your computer. It was created to help another antivirus to detect complex malware. Although alone it can detect common trojans and rootkits. RootAlyzer which is a part of Spybot is a free rootkit finder.

Continual Improvement:

A newer version of Spybot can be used in place of spyware binaries with inert dummies. The inert models are designed to fool and confuse programs which check for the presence of the spyware file.
Better algorithms and more languages are added to the software every week through updates to improve its efficiency with modern day attacks. The updates automatically download itself in computers with Spybot. Technical support is reached via email or the Spybot forum.