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Cybersecurity: Three Ways to Stay Safe Online

As technology enhances, people do more of their activities online. Of course, there are many advantages to this, but also a few risks. The aim of this article is to explore the subject of cybersecurity and consider some of the techniques that should be used to remain safe online.

1. Be Wary of Irresistible Offers That Are Too Good To Be True.

You may see lots of cool advertising offers like 1/2 price on hosting from GoDaddy that are totally safe and legit. But there may be offers like Bill Gates giving everyone $10,000 ‘if they click this link’ that are not. Usually these scams involve getting you to visit a website that has some sort of spyware that it will try to infect your home computer with.

Web browsers have gotten much better about screening out the spyware that these sites tend to use, but you still need to be vigilant about what websites you visit.

2. Be Careful With Personal Information. 

In an ideal world, users would share very little personal information. It’s certainly true to say that the more information there is, the bigger the risk may be. Of course, you may need to provide some personal details when signing up to various websites. However, consider what you can do to protect your privacy as much as possible.

For example, you should be cautious of revealing your full name, age or address when it’s not necessary. Keep as many details private unless required to provide them or you feel comfortable to do so, many sites also allow you to have a private profile if you are particularly concerned. Also, be careful with what you post publicly that may reveal personal information.

Finally, you can protect financial information by using a prepaid card or a service such as PayPal. By doing this, you also maintain more control against auto-billing in the future, which is especially relevant for subscription services.

3. Use Strong Passwords and Additional Security. 

When it comes to cybersecurity, a strong password is your best defence against criminals stealing your information. However, a lot of people fail to follow this advice and ensure their account is vulnerable to being hacked. Therefore, remember to choose passwords that use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols.

Also, try not to use the same password on multiple sites and quickly change your password if you get caught up in any data breaches. A secure password though doesn’t have to be the end of your security. Secondary security is also an option, so you have to confirm logins using your mobile phone for example. Of course, this should mean that a hacker can’t access your account only by guessing your password.

4. Consider Investing in a VPN. 

Protecting your privacy is a complicated job, especially with the amount of personal data that is now out there. Being careful with what you share and using strong passwords will only get you so far. Millions of websites still potentially have access to your data including your specific location through your IP address.

The only way to fully protect yourself is through a VPN. A VPN will mask your real IP address, meaning you aren’t as vulnerable. It will also make it much harder for sites to track you, and while this might be annoying for website owners, it means you are no longer an easy target for hackers. Do keep in mind though that the GPS on your mobile phone will expose your exact location if it’s turned on, so you want to turn that off as well when you don’t want to be tracked.

We have several head-to-head comparisons of VPN providers on our site. You can also check out big sites like and that have measured stats and recommendations on which VPN is the safest and/or budget-friendliest.

As more data is shared online, cybersecurity takes on more importance. The preceding article has looked at some of the ways you can best protect yourself. It’s crucial you take internet security seriously and don’t open yourself up to unnecessary risks. Therefore, remember to be careful with the personal information you share, use strong passwords and additional security and use a VPN for complete protection.

ipvanish versus nordvpn

NordVPN vs IPvanish

Comparing VPN’s: IPvanish versus NordVPN

A VPN or a Virtual Private Network is a type of programming that ensures that the connection over a less secure network is also safe and encrypted. They create an encrypted passage of data over the public internet. The way a VPN works is by sharing the public infrastructure but at the same time maintaining privacy via standard security techniques and following procedures.

In layman’s terms, VPN encrypts the data before sending it and then sends it through a tunnel. The tunnel has certain protocols that ensure that only the data with the correct encryption can enter the tunnel. After the data leaves the tunnel, it is decrypted for the end user. VPNs also encrypt the originating and accepting network addresses for an additional layer of security.

A Brief History Lesson on VPN Tech:

VPN technology was invented by Gurdeep Singh-Pall, a Microsoft employee in 1996. Singh-Pall developed Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP), a protocol for implementing VPNs. He invented the protocol so that employees can work from home in a secured network. Eventually, over the years, the VPN technology evolved to include many diverse protocols.

Now different VPN protocols come for business and personal working environments. Some VPNs employ third-party servers for hosting. Every protocol employs different encryption and decryption procedures. VPN procedures today are relatively diverse since its inception.

When VPNs were first developed, they provided branch office employees with a less pricey and safer way to get access to official applications and data. Today, every major corporation along with freelancers and businesses utilize VPNs to access remote-location data. Site-to-site VPN and remote access VPN are the two most important types of VPNs.

Companies like IPVanish and NordVPN are obviously among the top choices when it comes to selecting VPN services for corporate usage. So here we provide a comparison between the two so that it becomes easier to decide which one to use as per your requirements. We provide differences based on five important parameters.

1. Online Log Keeping

Both NordVPN and IPVanish does not collect any customer information. IPVanish does not collect any log information on its virtual private network protocol. The only thing IPVanish requires is the creation of an account to be able to use the service. Other than that, there’s no tracking of the user.

The same happens with NordVPN. They do not track the duration or the time on any online
Sessions. They don’t even keep track of the IP addresses of the users. None of the personal information related to the user is stored anywhere in the server. They claim that even if the user requests any data regarding their behavior online, they won’t be able to provide it.

2. Performance

A few users have posted their experience online on the performance speeds of both the VPN servers. The testing was done in the morning as well as evening. When the results were compared, the performance was found to be same for both the servers. In some cases, the speed might slow down while in some the speed increased. This happened in case of both the VPNs. So overall, performance is the same for both.

3. Number of Connected Devices

If there’s just one device with which VPN needs to be connected, then there is no issue. But nowadays people have multiple devices. So unless the VPN services enable simultaneous connections with different devices, people would not find it useful.

IPVanish enables up to 10 simultaneous connections and that too under one single account. But there’s a catch. Only one device can connect via PPTP or L2TP. Other devices will need to use either IKEv2, OpenVPN, or IPSec. This is not a problem as the latter three protocols provide very good performance.

NordVPN, on the other hand, allows only six devices to be connected simultaneously. Similar to IPVanish, a router can be used for all the connections. But in this criteria, IPVanish is a clear winner.

4. Extra Features

NordVPN offers many added features such as a double VPN for added security, and a blocking filter for ads and malicious websites. Both the VPNs has features to eliminate DNS leaks. While NordVPN has dedicated P2P servers for file sharing, IPVanish does not have the same. Neither does it have any dedicated live chat option. So here, NordVPN comes out as the winner.

5. Pricing

NordVPN comes with three plans plus 30-days money back guarantee. The plans are:
-One year for $5.75 per month
-Two years for $3.29 per month
-Monthly subscription for $11.95 per month which can be canceled anytime

They also have a limited-time offer where they offer three years of service for $99 total. In case the service is extended for 36 months, it comes to $2.75 per month.
There’s also a 75% discount which can be redeemed when you use a NordVPN promo code.

IPVanish also has three plans plus a 7-days money-back guarantee. The plans are:
-One year for $6.49 per month,
-Three-month plan for $8.99 per month

  • Monthly subscription plan for about $10 per month.

IPVanish offers a 20% discount on the first billing.

Overall both the VPN services provide good performance with strong encryption and secured transaction. But NordVPN has a cheaper pricing for long term and more servers as compared to IPVanish.

software ebay discount code

With eBay coupons, Some Software is Actually Cheaper Than Digital Downloads.

Why The Cheapest Way To Buy Software Is Often…eBay?

Millions of people across the world prefer to shop online as it is simple, fast and convenient. You can easily go through the options and select the best product for you. Online shopping is especially preferred as there is no crowd, noise or fatigue. You can simply select the products you need in few clicks and the item will be delivered to your doorstep.

However, if you are buying any software, the scenario is different and you have to purchase the license online. The most trusted and popular website for purchasing software is undoubtedly, eBay. If you have never used this website, you’d better start using it for a better experience. eBay is not a traditional retailer but is an online auction website where you can buy and sell products. This website not only provides sales on software but also helps in choosing from a vast online stock of resources.

Reasons To Shop On eBay:

Over the past few years, eBay has gained quite the limelight and is now arguably considered as the best platform to buy and sell products. The main reason of this popularity is availability of products at the cheapest rate. You can find a number of sellers of a product and you can examine the products on different grounds like price, durability, seller’s feedback etc, before you can proceed to purchase. eBay has definitely taken online shopping to a new level where consumers get to personalize the shopping experience as they have all the rights to select the best product by comparing among the sellers.

One of the striking features of eBay is feedback or review to the sellers. This feedback not only helps consumers to get an idea of the quality of the product but also keeps them away from atrocious products. No seller, especially those that sell online, wants a negative feedback from their past customers so they try all possible steps to maintain good quality.

Since eBay is an auction site, so you can bid for an item. However, if you don’t want to bid and wait for the result of the auction, then the Buy It Now option will let you purchase the product instantly. Most customers are not aware of this option but it has a great importance if you don’t want to waste time and want the product at your doorstep.

Why The Cheapest Way To Buy Software Is eBay:

Lots of software products release CD-versions of their software that they sell at Staples, Costco or other retail chains. When these products to go unused, they are either sold at clearance or discarded. The result is that…sometimes these CD versions of software end up being cheaper than the digital downloads! Some other reasons why eBay seems to have the cheapest software options?

Huge Customer-Base: The website has attracted a huge amount of customers because they tend to have the lowest prices. This not only favours customers but has also helped eBay to gain growth in business. A large number of customers indicate more purchase of goods and expansion of business.

Discount: Providing discounts is a tried-and-true technique to grow your business. It not only decreases the competition but also attracts a number of new customers. Which, in turn, brings business. If you will purchase any software from eBay, you may get up to a 50% discount compared to the digital version.

Get Products In Bulk: Purchase products in bulk so that you can get them at a lower price. eBay has a very strong backup system and also has a huge quantity of products. Since it gets its products in bulk, it can sell the products at low prices.

Offers: eBay takes care of its consumers and provides offers to them. For example, has 10% off discount codes for both existing and new customers. As a result of these offers, eBay has a huge customer base. The company sometimes also offers combo offers wherein the customers can get both individual as well as business licence of the software at a reasonable price.

ebay logo
eBay’s taking over…!

Free Shipping: If you are purchasing any software from eBay, it provides free home delivery. Many online platforms charge for the delivery of products. eBay uses multiple courier services for their deliveries.

How To Use Perks To Get The Best Price:

The perks provided by eBay can help customers to save money. Generally, we don’t pay attention to the coupons provided by the online website but using these coupons we can save a lot. Here, we will highlight the coupons that you can activate in order to get the best deal in an online shopping.

If you’re looking to invest, there are some great coupons for investing tools at

•If you are going to purchase from eBay for the first time, then you will get a welcome coupon using which you can save plenty of money.

• You will find a number of software in combo packs which cuts down the overall cost.

• You can activate coupons that can be used during the next purchase to reduce the cost.

• You can get cash-back on making the payment through credit card, or selected debit cards.

One Quick Final Note:

eBay has been always appreciated by the customers for providing low-prices on their products. This online auction website has attracted a huge customer base by providing offers and discounts to the customers.

eBay is popular throughout the globe but in recent years, it has grabbed the market in UK and emerged as the leading online platform for purchasing software.

macrium reflect

What is Macrium Reflect?

So What is Macrium Reflect Anyways?

Macrium Reflect is a software that helps in backing up data and disk imaging. It was developed in the year 2006 by a company named paramount Software UK Ltd based in the in the United Kingdom. Its trading name is Macrium Software. Its official website is software is only available in two languages that are English and German.

They Were The First.

The Macrium reflect is one of the first software companies to develop and release a free back up system for people. The image restoration system is quick, reliable, and stable to its users even while it’s free. Although the free version does not have many capabilities, it still does not disappoint its users.

Macrium Reflect interface might look a little bit outdated when compared with current designs of other software. The free version is limited to imaging disks and cannot clone, file back up and other choices enjoyed by paying users. Free users can only choose the partitions required in the restoration of the Windows operating system.

Premium = More Features:

When you are a premium user, a customer can enjoy more capabilities. The price can be seventy dollars or more. It has a feature for file and folder back up. Also incremental and support differential back up is supported. For paying users, they cannot individual backup folders they can only back up files.

The Macrium Reflect has retention rules which are how to delete data when space is low and what to keep on the available space. The jobs that remain are saved as standard XML files. Also, there is an option for extensive scheduling options to help in organizing the data. The paying version users can receive notification from users, and their passwords are secure because the software is more encrypted.

Depending on the Windows operating system a user can change the flavors of Windows PE to best suit it while backing up. It helps the client to install the drivers they prefer on the computer. The Macrium Reflect can support the MBR and GPT disks.

The Macrium Free latest version of 7 has a high-performance rate and high efficiency. Just consider how fast it is because version 6 only takes six minutes to back up files. The files can be above 115gb size which is a significant number.

It uses very little CPU power comparing it with other software that has the same functions. Most of the back up takes place on the background so you can still use your computer for other purposes.

The Macrium Reflect does not only back up files from your computer but also a CD, DVD or USB drive. This is even possible when your Windows operating system does not start up properly. Restoring images and other files with little ease is effortless.

The Macrium Software runs on Microsoft Windows operating system. The operating system type that it runs effectively and is very compatible is such as windows vista, Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Windows 2013, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows Server 2012.

malwarebytes vs avast

Malwarebytes vs Avast

Avast vs Malwarebytes : Which Gives You Better Protection?

Technological advancements are accompanied with several threats. We are now using computers to perform different tasks. Computers are prone to viruses and malware that interferes with the data stored in the computer and the functions of some program. We need to protect our data from virus attacks and hackers.

There are several computer security software that has already been published among them is Malwarebytes and Avast. The two are not direct competitors as they have different features. They offer protection against different threats. Many people have been wondering which among the two is best for them. Keep reading to get detailed facts of each, their differences, pros and cons to decide which one is best for you or you have to use the two of them concurrently.

First Off: Malwarebytes

It was first released in 2006 by an American based computer software company (Malwarebytes Corporation). It started as a malware removal tool but has evolved into a fully featured security software for Android, Mac and Windows. It has premium and free features. For complete protection to eliminate the need for other protection software subscribe for premium.

Malwarebytes’ Pros:

It is a multiplatform software. It is available for Mac, Windows and Android platforms. It has a useful featured called Active Browsing Protection. It protects your computer from threats when you’re browsing.

Malwarebytes Corporation also updates Malwarebytes immediately whenever a new threat has been discovered. It is easy to use. It has a simple interface that is easier to navigate. This makes it suitable for all levels of computer users as even beginners are able to use it with ease.

Scan scheduling – It allows you to schedule timeframes for the automatic scanning. Machine learning technology. It identifies new threats and stops them immediately even before they are put in the definition lists by studying the behaviour of the malware.

And Now Their Cons:

The free version is not stocked with powerful tools. Tools to remove dormant malware or inactive malware not available in free versions

Avast antivirus:

It was first released in 1988 by Czech Company. It has evolved over the years into a fully featured internet security for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS. Its features have been grouped into Avast Internet Security (free), premium and Ultimate. The internet security and premium version are good for general internet security unless you want VPN and password storage features which are available in the ultimate version only. Avast is good for malware, virus and phishing protection.

Avast’s Pros:

Phishing detection –  It alerts you when you visit phishing sites before you get into the trap of submitting your credentials. Password storage. It encrypts and stores your hard to remember passwords. This feature allows you to use different passwords for different accounts in different sites.

Wi-Fi security scan –  It alerts you when intruders try to get your data when you’re on a public wifi.

WiFi Sandbox – You can run suspicious apps in Sandbox to make sure your computer isn’t affected when things go wrong.It intelligently blocks malware and viruses. It is able to block malware and viruses before they cause threats in your computer.

Now the Cons:

It requires more computer resources than Malwarebytes. Most of its greats tools aren’t free.

Our Final Verdict:

If you’re only doing the free version of each software, and you own a PC, then Avast is the better option for you. If you’re on a Mac, or if you are looking at buying the premium version of either software, then Malwarebytes is the best choice.

spybot search and destroy software

About Spybot: Search and Destroy

Everything You Wanted to Know About Spybot: Search and Destroy

Patrick Michael Kolla is a German computer trained scientist who founded Spybot. He was inspired to write the back-end code of Spybot when his computer was infected with a virus. That was in the year 1999, and there was no way to remove the malware thus he created a software that could help him.

He created a software that is the basis of the current Spybot company to act as a spyware and adware. Since the inception, the Spybot code scans the computer hard disk and RAM to wipe out any malware in the system.

In the beginning, the software was only compatible with Microsoft Windows.

At first, the piece of software was not available to public users. A computer magazine wrote about his discovery, and people found out. They started requesting the software, and that’s how it spread.

Fellow white hackers started working on it as an open source software. The primary communication platform for users is a forum where they discuss about Spybot and how it can be improved.

The Spybot software is available in more than 40 official languages. Programmers usually improve its specs and strengthen its code for higher performance.

Safer Networking, an Irish based company, was established by Michael Kolla to distribute the infrastructure on behalf of Spybot. Apart from adware Spybot also incorporates antivirus and the anti beacon for private users data protection.

Spybot software has two versions which are freemium or premium. The freemium version is available to users without paying, but its capabilities are limited — the premium version a customer has to pay to unlock excellent abilities for usage. There is a commercial version for corporate and technician users. The premium version is incorporated with an anti-virus which uses the Bitdefender engine.

It Does More Than Attack The Bad Guys.

Spybot does not only detect and wipe out spyware and adware. It has many uses that will surprise a user. It can repair the registry, ActiveX objects, browsers hijacks, PUPS, keyloggers, and HTTP cookies. Those are not the only malware that can remove but also LSP, trojans, revision, BHOs, and homepage hijackers.

Spybot usually erases the tracking cookies on our browsers. Through modifying the hosts file the Spybot software can immunize the computer system and block the installation of a spyware. A file eraser is included which is secure to delete any virus.

In the initial stages, Spybot S&D was not created to replace the anti-virus functions of your computer. It was created to help another antivirus to detect complex malware. Although alone it can detect common trojans and rootkits. RootAlyzer which is a part of Spybot is a free rootkit finder.

Continual Improvement:

A newer version of Spybot can be used in place of spyware binaries with inert dummies. The inert models are designed to fool and confuse programs which check for the presence of the spyware file.
Better algorithms and more languages are added to the software every week through updates to improve its efficiency with modern day attacks. The updates automatically download itself in computers with Spybot. Technical support is reached via email or the Spybot forum.

avg vs avast

Avast vs AVG

AVG versus Avast: Who Keeps Your Computer Safer?

Nowadays, we store important data on our devices from banking details, payment information, sensitive documents, photos we wouldn’t want our parents to see, private files and conversations, and many more. Regardless of how safe our online activity is, our devices are ever vulnerable to a deluge of malware which can compromise our privacy, or corrupt our data.

Installing an antivirus like AVG or Avast on PC’s, mac, and smartphones protect us and those we connect to from online threats and malware. AVG and Avast are the most recommended and downloaded antivirus software globally simply because they are free and effective.

But between the two which one better?

We’ll provide you with the ultimate contrast and comparison between AVG vs Avast. We discuss the features, compatibility, popularity, system impact and more of these security suites.

Avast’s Best Features.

Avast Free Antivirus has a rich feature that includes features such as:
Wi-Fi Inspector – Scans and checks your network for any issues or vulnerabilities.
Software Updater – Checks your system and monitors outdated software that needs an update.
Browser Cleanup and password vault extension – The first helps you to get rid of unwanted browser add-ons and annoying toolbars. The vault keeps your passwords safe while you’re browsing the web.

And Now AVG’s Standout Features:

AVG has a data shredder feature that is useful for deleting safety information permanently. It also has spying and data theft protection that controls the type of information applications have access to. These features are only available in Avast premier, which gives AVG a plus for included them in their free features.

Another big plus for AVG is that it’s easy to install and does not require registration and filling information and product activations like Avast.

AVG comes in 22 languages while avast is available in 46 languages. Again Avast wins in terms of product availability according to a region.

Impact on System Performance:

The normal system performance without a preinstalled antivirus is 2,150 points. But when tested, both antivirus recorded almost the same result. AVG had a 2,115 point and 2,150 point impact showing that they are lightweight and have minimal impact on system performance.

User Interface:

avast antivirus vs AVGAvast has a clean user interface compared to AVG. It’s Run Smart Scan (pictured, right) button combines all the seven scans included in the Avast program.

When everything is working properly, the green color represents it and when there’s a problem the red color alerts you. Its settings button is in the bottom left, with four main vertical menus on the left. When clicked, all open elegantly into subsequent sub-menu items.
However, the AVG user interface may seem overwhelming at first with the horizontal menus. But when you get used to it, you can enjoy it when all the menus are ticked green. It is also easy to fix specific shield protection if it is disabled or unprotected.

The Costs:

This is a determinant factor for most people regardless of how good a software is. For windows users Avast has four products namely; Avast Free Antivirus, Avast Pro Antivirus, Avast Internet Security, and Avast Premier. Out of the four, only Avast Free Antivirus is free. Avast Security and Avast Security Pro are the free and paid versions respectively for Mac Users. AVG offers AVG Internet Security as a free version and AVG Ultimate as a paid version compatible with both Mac and Windows users.
It goes without saying that AVG is much cheaper compared to Avast.

Product popularity and Followers:

AVG and Avast belong to the same company. However, Avast claims to have over 400 million users and is also ranked number one antivirus product by OPSWAT. According to CNET which is the world’s most popular software download portal, AVG has 566 million downloads with a 4-star rating while Avast has 419 million downloads with a 4.5-star rating. This clearly shows that avast has better user rating compared to AVG. Avast has 1 million more followers on Facebook than AVG, while AVG has more twitter followers than avast.

Both AVG and Avast are powerful antivirus tools that you may need to protect you and keep your data and devices safe. They provide solid protection against malware, a silent feature on smart gaming mode, safe browsing on the web, and email protection. In as much as Avast has cooler features than AVG, it is worthwhile checking out the free versions of both and see which among the two will suit you better.

winzip vs 7-zip

Winzip vs 7-zip: Which is the Better Compression Tool?

Winzip and 7zip are the most popular file compression tools for Windows. Both perform the basic function of shrinking files’ sizes and packing them for easier storage or sharing. Do you have a bunch of documents, audios, videos and images which need compression, how do you determine which is the best tool to use?

Here is a Winzip vs 7zip comparison based on compression ability, compatibility of compressed files with other operating systems, price, and number of downloads.

Compression ability: Which tools gives the smallest file?

It is important to first note that the data set being compressed determines which tool gives the smallest file.

Results from many third party tests have shown that there is a slight difference in the compression abilities of both tools, with 7zip winning the trophy in most cases. Thus, if you are looking for the smallest file size, consider 7zip over Winzip.

2. Compatibility of compressed files with other operating systems

Winzip compression is better choice for compatibility. Files compressed using Winzip (or into .ZIP format) can be opened on other operating systems such as Mac, Android and iOS. You don’t need to download additional software for that.

With .7z files, you have to download certain software to open the compressed files in Mac, Android, and iOS. 7zip uses proprietary formats not fully supported on other operating systems.

3. Price

7zip is free and open source while Winzip has to be bought. Winzip Standard costs around $29.95, Winzip Pro Combo costs $59.95, and Winzip Big Zipper Combo costs $84.95. After the 21-day trial period, Winzip locks you out of service until you pay for any of the three packages.

4. The Sheer Number of Downloads:

Over 1 billion Winzip downloads have been made on 7zip has been downloaded more times than Winzip, probably because of the price factor. There are many sites that claim to offer 7zip for free but it is important to exercise caution as you download to ensure that you get it from a genuine source.
Other comparison factors include:

Compression speed: Winzip is faster than 7zip. 7zip uses context modeling (application of arithmetic and context models to encode literals and matches), which is slower but compresses better.

7zip requires more memory than Winzip. It uses LZMA, which requires a relatively larger window for the coding of more distant matches. While this improves compression, it requires more memory.

Winzip creates archives in zip format only while 7zip creates archives in 7zip (7z), bzip2 (bz2), and zip formats.

7zip is sufficient if all you need is basic functionality. The compression tool is lightweight, has good compression ratio, and does the basic functions of creating password protected archives.

This Winzip vs 7zip comparison shows that either compression tool has its advantages over the other when different factors are considered. For most basic users, 7zip is the preferred choice since it is free and can provide the most common file compression functions. Advanced computing experts who need to use compressed files on different operating systems would rightly prefer Winzip since it is better for compatibility. Your choice of Windows file compression tool depends on your computing needs.

winzip alternatives

The Best Alternatives to Winzip

When You Don’t Want Winzip. What Are Your Options?

Compression and decompression of files is an important feature. Compression is done to decrease the size of a file for easy sharing via email while decompression is done on the compressed files to restore them to their original size and format. WinZip is a popular program for Windows users, but it is most unfortunate that it isn’t a free product yet many users prefer using free products. Thanks to the internet as we have several tools and programs for file compression and decompression for free. Most of them have features similar to WinZip while others have more advanced features. Below is a list of alternatives to WinZip you can pick one from:


7-Zip is an open source program that is completely free. It has a high-quality compression that makes files smaller. It makes files 10% more smaller than WinZip files. It allows you to zip and unzip the following formats: 7z, RAR, GZIP, TAR, ZIP and WIM. It is available for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 users.

Download here:


WinRar is a popular alternative to WinZip. It is known for its simple interface that is easy to use. Apart from zipping WinRar allows you to create self-extracting archives and repair damaged archives. WinRar packs and unpacks the following formats: Zip and Rar archives and only unpacks ACE, ISO, JAR, JA, GZIP, Z, XZ, CAB, 7Z, ARJ, UUE, TAR and BZ2. It is available for both Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems.

B1 Free Archiver

B1 Free Archiver is completely free to users. It supports ZIP, RAR, 7Z, JAR, TXZ, XP, B1 and many more formats. It has a professional interface that doesn’t require high computer skills to use it. It is available both online and offline where you can download and install. You can use it at any platform online. It is available for download for Mac, Windows, Linux and Windows users.


PeaZip has both premium and free features. You can do great with the free subscription. It unpacks up to 180 formats and has high-quality and fast compression. It has the drag and drop function that makes it easy to use. It allows you to compress files to the following formats: 7z, TAR, BZ2, PAC, ARC, PEA, GZ, XZ, ZIP, WIM, UPX and SFX. It also provides advanced security to your files with its two-factor authentication system that allows password protection and the use key file. It has an integrated password manager for secure passwords. It also allows for merging and splitting of files. It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac operating system users.

Ashampoo Zip

Ashampoo Zip is a free tool. It comes with amazing features among them is the archive repair, powerful encryption, unzipping program that supports several formats and an intuitive interface that is easy to use. It is available for Windows users only.


Bandizip is not a popular tool but it has amazing features especially for those looking for tools with fast compression. It lets you pack and unpack files, split files into multiple packages and also create self-extracting archives. It allows you to choose the preferred archive size from the predefined sizes. It also allows password protection and has a drag and drop function that makes it easy to use. It opens ZPAQ and LZIP files. It also allows packing and unpacking of files with Japanese, Chinese and Korean characters. It is available in a portable version for Windows users only.