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malwarebytes vs avast

Malwarebytes vs Avast

Avast vs Malwarebytes : Which Gives You Better Protection?

Technological advancements are accompanied with several threats. We are now using computers to perform different tasks. Computers are prone to viruses and malware that interferes with the data stored in the computer and the functions of some program. We need to protect our data from virus attacks and hackers.

There are several computer security software that has already been published among them is Malwarebytes and Avast. The two are not direct competitors as they have different features. They offer protection against different threats. Many people have been wondering which among the two is best for them. Keep reading to get detailed facts of each, their differences, pros and cons to decide which one is best for you or you have to use the two of them concurrently.

First Off: Malwarebytes

It was first released in 2006 by an American based computer software company (Malwarebytes Corporation). It started as a malware removal tool but has evolved into a fully featured security software for Android, Mac and Windows. It has premium and free features. For complete protection to eliminate the need for other protection software subscribe for premium.

Malwarebytes’ Pros:

It is a multiplatform software. It is available for Mac, Windows and Android platforms. It has a useful featured called Active Browsing Protection. It protects your computer from threats when you’re browsing.

Malwarebytes Corporation also updates Malwarebytes immediately whenever a new threat has been discovered. It is easy to use. It has a simple interface that is easier to navigate. This makes it suitable for all levels of computer users as even beginners are able to use it with ease.

Scan scheduling – It allows you to schedule timeframes for the automatic scanning. Machine learning technology. It identifies new threats and stops them immediately even before they are put in the definition lists by studying the behaviour of the malware.

And Now Their Cons:

The free version is not stocked with powerful tools. Tools to remove dormant malware or inactive malware not available in free versions

Avast antivirus:

It was first released in 1988 by Czech Company. It has evolved over the years into a fully featured internet security for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS. Its features have been grouped into Avast Internet Security (free), premium and Ultimate. The internet security and premium version are good for general internet security unless you want VPN and password storage features which are available in the ultimate version only. Avast is good for malware, virus and phishing protection.

Avast’s Pros:

Phishing detection –  It alerts you when you visit phishing sites before you get into the trap of submitting your credentials. Password storage. It encrypts and stores your hard to remember passwords. This feature allows you to use different passwords for different accounts in different sites.

Wi-Fi security scan –  It alerts you when intruders try to get your data when you’re on a public wifi.

WiFi Sandbox – You can run suspicious apps in Sandbox to make sure your computer isn’t affected when things go wrong.It intelligently blocks malware and viruses. It is able to block malware and viruses before they cause threats in your computer.

Now the Cons:

It requires more computer resources than Malwarebytes. Most of its greats tools aren’t free.

Our Final Verdict:

If you’re only doing the free version of each software, and you own a PC, then Avast is the better option for you. If you’re on a Mac, or if you are looking at buying the premium version of either software, then Malwarebytes is the best choice.