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winzip alternatives

The Best Alternatives to Winzip

When You Don’t Want Winzip. What Are Your Options?

Compression and decompression of files is an important feature. Compression is done to decrease the size of a file for easy sharing via email while decompression is done on the compressed files to restore them to their original size and format. WinZip is a popular program for Windows users, but it is most unfortunate that it isn’t a free product yet many users prefer using free products. Thanks to the internet as we have several tools and programs for file compression and decompression for free. Most of them have features similar to WinZip while others have more advanced features. Below is a list of alternatives to WinZip you can pick one from:


7-Zip is an open source program that is completely free. It has a high-quality compression that makes files smaller. It makes files 10% more smaller than WinZip files. It allows you to zip and unzip the following formats: 7z, RAR, GZIP, TAR, ZIP and WIM. It is available for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 users.

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WinRar is a popular alternative to WinZip. It is known for its simple interface that is easy to use. Apart from zipping WinRar allows you to create self-extracting archives and repair damaged archives. WinRar packs and unpacks the following formats: Zip and Rar archives and only unpacks ACE, ISO, JAR, JA, GZIP, Z, XZ, CAB, 7Z, ARJ, UUE, TAR and BZ2. It is available for both Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems.

B1 Free Archiver

B1 Free Archiver is completely free to users. It supports ZIP, RAR, 7Z, JAR, TXZ, XP, B1 and many more formats. It has a professional interface that doesn’t require high computer skills to use it. It is available both online and offline where you can download and install. You can use it at any platform online. It is available for download for Mac, Windows, Linux and Windows users.


PeaZip has both premium and free features. You can do great with the free subscription. It unpacks up to 180 formats and has high-quality and fast compression. It has the drag and drop function that makes it easy to use. It allows you to compress files to the following formats: 7z, TAR, BZ2, PAC, ARC, PEA, GZ, XZ, ZIP, WIM, UPX and SFX. It also provides advanced security to your files with its two-factor authentication system that allows password protection and the use key file. It has an integrated password manager for secure passwords. It also allows for merging and splitting of files. It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac operating system users.

Ashampoo Zip

Ashampoo Zip is a free tool. It comes with amazing features among them is the archive repair, powerful encryption, unzipping program that supports several formats and an intuitive interface that is easy to use. It is available for Windows users only.


Bandizip is not a popular tool but it has amazing features especially for those looking for tools with fast compression. It lets you pack and unpack files, split files into multiple packages and also create self-extracting archives. It allows you to choose the preferred archive size from the predefined sizes. It also allows password protection and has a drag and drop function that makes it easy to use. It opens ZPAQ and LZIP files. It also allows packing and unpacking of files with Japanese, Chinese and Korean characters. It is available in a portable version for Windows users only.